We need you guys to be so much more active

If that’s possible! We totally understand you have personal stuff going on but it makes us want to be on here more to make it more fun x

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Left because of personal reasons.

Hey Guys!

Admin May here, I was out and about traveling and such but I’m back. I know I promised new bio’s I know I know! They’re coming!

what are your open cannon chars?

from Anonymous

We have Laurel and Diggle open as for now!

hi! this is Mary Foster. :)

from maryfosterrr

Everybody follow Mary!

May I please reserve Cynthia? I was thinking about a possible FC change and I will, of course, ask for approval before changing anything in my app.

from dumont1955

Of course, love! Just let us know about the fc change in the app and we’ll take care of it! 

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Super new bio’s coming tomorrow!

Posted on May 12 at 10:22 pm with 1 note

OOC Name: AngelaAge: 15Timezone:  UTC+8RP Experience: i’ve been rp-ing for almost 3 yearsActivity: 8-10Desired character: Mary Foster

[[MORE]]Why did you choose this character?: I liked her bio the most and well, Emma is the FC.Para sample IC (3rd Person): COOL!
How did you find this rp?: i was scrolling down the roleplay tag when i passed by the post about the Roy Harper app that was accepted, then i found this blog and immediately fell in love.Password:  ~

OOC Name: Angela
Age: 15
Timezone:  UTC+8
RP Experience: i’ve been rp-ing for almost 3 years
Activity: 8-10
Desired character: Mary Foster

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Accepting the app we have now tomorrow!

If you want you can come apply now if there’s anyone you’d like to play but there will be new bio’s on monday!

Roy Harper here.

from notgoodwithknives

Thank you lovely! Everyone follow!

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